Rates and Fees

Your home or office* cleaning needs are based on your style of living, number of people, number of pets, and other factors. Families and office workers have different living and activity styles and different cleaning needs. We take these things into consideration as we work with you to develop a cleaning budget. If you wish to stay within a regular budgeted amount, we create a cleaning schedule with your budget in mind.

  • Initial cleanings always take more time than recurring cleanings
  • Two to three cleanings may be needed to establish your recurring fee
  • Your recurring fee will cover the requested cleaning duties for your home or office

Generally, regular cleanings for a medium-sized home with 2-4 household members will cost between $100-$125 per cleaning. For most families and small offices, bi-weekly cleanings should be enough to maintain your home or office. For some families and offices, a weekly cleaning may be more appropriate. Still, others may only need monthly cleanings (scheduled every 4 weeks) as they prefer to do maintainance cleanings in between professional cleanings. Remember, your fee is based on size of home, number of people, number of pets, "closeness" of rooms, number/quantity of knicks knacks and decorative pieces, activity level, as well as other factors.

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The fee for your home or office cleaning will be based upon:
  • number of people
  • number and age of children
  • number of pets
  • quantity of knicknacks
  • size of home or office
  • degree of activity
  • other factors.

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