Green Links
Maine Community Cleanup is a volunteer group dedicated to keeping our communities clean and green. We meet and break into small groups to tackle road side litter, dumping sites, and streams/rivers.
Green Seal
Green Seal is an independent, non-profit, organization dedicated to safeguarding the environment and transforming the marketplace by promoting the manufacture, purchase and use of environmentally responsible products and services.
5 Simple Ways to Green Your Office
According to the U.S. Department of Labor, the average employed American works 9.3 hours per day —that’s more time than dedicated to any other activity! Consequently, offices account for nearly a fifth of all commercial energy consumption. The good news? Greening your workplace can be both simple and cost effective. Try these steps today!
Green Home Cleaning Guide
Simple 2-page guide in PDF format to help you start "green cleaning".
Green Cleaning Facts & Figures
This section presents information you may want to consider when deciding whether green cleaning is important to you and your family, as well as the environment.
Cleaning - Environmentally Friendly Purchasing
From the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, a guide to green purchases and cleaning with links to other governmental "green" websites.
Making Green Choices
A guide to home-made non-toxic cleaners and purchases of commercial cleaners.

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going green - it's easier than you think . . .

Everyone can do their part to help out the environment. Here are some tips to help you do yours:

  • Reduce or eliminate the use of paper towels by getting a supply of light-weight, easy care cotton swatches to use in place of paper towels.
  • Eliminate the use of disposable napkins by using washable cotton napkins.
  • Replace at least one chemical cleanser with an environmentally friendly, all-natural cleanser.
  • Put up a clothes line to reduce the use of your dryer and cut down on electrical use while saving money on your light bill.
  • If you have to use the dryer, make sure it is full when drying a load of clothes to reduce the number of loads dried.
  • Recycle plastic containers and metal cans to reduce the amount of waste going into landfills.
  • Buy reusable containers to pack and store food items in to reduce the use of plastic bags.