Green Cleaning

House cleaning services in coastal Maine now offering green cleaning.

More of you are striving to live natural lifestyles and that includes using natural cleaning products. You don't want harsh chemical fumes or residue, but you do want a clean and healthy office or business for your employees and customers. We provide an environmentally friendly option to our cleaning services featuring Green Works products by Clorox.

Green Works is made from plant-based ingredients derived from coconuts and lemon oil. The ingredients used in Green Works products are sustainable, non-allergenic and biodegradable. Green Works products are not tested on animals and are packaged in bottles that can be recycled. At least 99% natural with less than 1% synthetics for preservatives or colorant in each of the Green Works cleaners.

Commercial cleaning in Maine with Green Works line of products

"We recognize the importance of conserving our environment and strive to find sustainable solutions."

-The Makers of Clorox

Green Works Natural All-Purpose Cleaner, Natural Glass & Surface Cleaner, Natural Toilet Bowl Cleaner and Natural Dilutable Cleaner products have been recognized by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for using environmentally preferable chemistry, and carry the EPA’s “Design for Environment” certification logo.

Along with the use of the Green Works line of products, we use fewer paper towels, preferring to use washable, reusable cotton cleaning cloths when applicable. We use washable microfiber cloths for dusting. A fresh, clean set of cloths is used in each office we clean. We limit the use of synthetic materials, which can harbor bacteria. All of our cleaning cloths are washed in warm soapy water with bleach to disinfect and clean thoroughly.

Green cleaning options
You may opt for a completely "green cleaning" or a combination of Green Works products with traditional cleaners. Germ-killing disinfectants may be used on bathroom toilets, trash containers, and other "germy" areas while using the natural cleaners in other areas.

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A clean, natural, healthy cleaning option.

Maine house cleaning services featuring Green Works

In lab and in-home blind consumer testing, Green Works products performed as well or better than the leading conventional cleaners in its category.

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