About Us

Corporate Info: Maine Maid to Clean, Inc is a registered corporation in the state of Maine. It has a Federal EIN and pays all state and federal taxes including income taxes and payroll taxes and files all payroll, tax reports, and annual reports in a timely manner.

Business Info: As a small, Maine business, Maine Maid to Clean, Inc. provides its customers with personalized customer service, quality care, and commitment. Each business that we clean, we do it for the owners, workers, and customers. We take the time to pay attention to details. We see dirt that others might miss and we clean it. Each office we clean as if it was ours. We want our customers to return each day and feel good about what they see and smell.

Providing clean work spaces . . .

Call or Text: (207) 355-5345

who we are . . .
We clean. We care.
Providing you with a cleaner, healthier, happier home.